The County Clerk maintains records in Montgomery County, and most official public records begin in 1936. The records stored included deeds, land patent records, judgments, tax liens, and mortgages. You can access real property records, and a fee will be charged. Records can be obtained by emailing or mailing the form found at

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Copy requests require a 24-72 hour turnaround and the volume of the copies requested. Checks need to be paid to the Montgomery County Clerk. Certified Copy is $1 per page and $5 for certification per document. A plain copy is $1 per page. Your request can be delayed if you do not calculate the fees correctly.

Birth and Death Certificates can be acquired if you show the proper identification and provide the full name of the certificate, the father and mother’s full names, your name and address, and your relationship to persons on the records.

You will be charged a fee for death and birth certificates. Fill out the forms and pay the fees at

Records can be accessed through the County Clerk, and court records can be accessed through the Clerk of Courts. However, the general cost will be $1.00 per page. You must pay $5.00 for certification if records need to be certified as official.