Can we leave messages with the inmates?

No message can be physically given to an inmate unless it is a verified emergency.

How can I get property records from Montgomery County?

You can contact the County Clerk’s office or go online to find more information.

Does Montgomery County have a drug court?

Like every county in the US, there is a drug court in Montgomery, Texas. It involves being convicted of drug crimes and going through the court system to get rehabilitated.

How far from Houston is Monterey County?

Montgomery County is 40 miles north of Houston. If you have ever traveled to The Woodlands from Houston, you have traveled to Montgomery County.

Is it humid in Montgomery County?

It’s not nearly like being in Houston, but it is humid in Montgomery County.

What is the tax base in Montgomery County?

In 2021, Montgomery’s CAD value was $87 billion. This was a 2.5% tax rate, but the county uses a complicated formula to determine property taxes. This makes it almost impossible to give a definitive answer.
Entertainment in Montgomery County?
Every county has epic Halloween events this time of the year. Check out Trick or Treating Historic Montgomery or Margaritaville Lake Resort on Lake Conroe.